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Based in Maryland, we provide vigorous and creative representation to our Clients with a lean and responsive approach that achieves results.  


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Areas of Practice

Federal Criminal Defense

Whether it is a complex situation that the Federal Government is viewing as a white collar crime, or the broad allegations of some form of conspiracy, Federal Criminal Defense requires counsel who are prepared to invest the time, energy and critical thinking necessary to provide adequate representation.  That is what we do for every Client.


Estate Transactions and LITIGATION

It is not uncommon for estates to hold businesses or real property that require resolution of external transactions or even litigation before the estate can be properly distributed and closed.  We often serve as outside counsel for estate and trust lawyers who wish to focus on questions and issues other than resolution of external business matters. 

Business Disputes

We provide trial and appellate representation before state and federal courts.  We have represented businesses and individuals in cases involving Breach of Contract; Trademark, Trade Dress and Intellectual Property claims; Title Defense and Prosecution; Bank and Professional Liability; and the False Claims Act (both defense and Relator).


BUSINESS STRATEGY and Transactions

Suburban businesses face an environment of opportunity and constant change.  We have helped business formations, sales, creations of joint ventures, acquisitions of real property and permitting of projects.  We bring our experience of problem resolution to the planning and formation stage so that you don't waste resources on avoidable traps.  We help your company get the best competitive advantage.

Investigation and Internal Compliance 

In any organization, there is the potential that one or more employees have not met the standards of conduct required by internal procedures or the regulatory environment.  When the first indication of that potential comes to the attention of management, the best course for the organization is often to engage counsel to determine whether the organization has been placed at risk, and what can be done to quickly correct the problem.  We conduct those investigations.                                                    


Economic Crimes

Allegations of fraud, employee theft, intellectual property theft, fiduciary embezzlement, computer crime, arson for profit, or environmental crime all require vigorous, detail-oriented analysis as quickly and as early as possible for a Client and Counsel to fashion an appropriate strategy and response.  We don't blow smoke.  We will build your best defense. 




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